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Many of us have been fooled into believing that trust is something that we put in others. I am hear to tell you that is a recipe for disappointment. How can you ask another person to adhere to your fear-based requests consistently and be free to be themselves? Oh I hear some of you saying that the remedy for this dilemma is to set your expectations low in a bid to minimise your pain. ThisĀ is folly, as the outcome of this can only lead to the further demise of your self esteem.

Stop side-stepping! The only person you need trust is yourself, unapologetically, despite the fear, the doubt, the guilt and anxiety. The clipboard bearing person that marks down every decision you make, exists only in your mind. Anyway you don’t have to believe me, I am NOT asking you to do that. All I am asking you to do is TRY IT!!

Trust in yourself, listen to your emotions, be honest about the true cause of what you are feeling. Meditate and visualise the preferred outcome to every situation, then formulate power moves that will propel you to the next level.