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Fear is the only opponent to self actualisation, and the battle is mental. Therefore start to confront your inner most fears and the arsenal of self limiting thoughts you have accumulated throughout your life until now.

Change your mind about the meanings you have placed upon events and people that have caused you pain and given birth to your fears. It is what YOU say it is! Remember power, like muscle, must be exercised regularly and consistently to gain strength and definition.

As you redefine and reframe your thoughts and memories into mental references that will serve you, you will feel powerful enough to make the physical changes and take the actions that will bring about your inner-most desires.

Take a lesson from the trees. They don’t ask IF they can take your carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen – they KNOW and they DO.

Lift the veil of mental fog, recycle your low vibrational thoughts and feelings into high vibrations, and you will breath the mental oxygen required for an inspired, fulfilling life. The universe will always support you, as it supports them.