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I have always been quite fascinated with emotions and behavior. From an early age, I found myself in keen observation, of the many manifestations of a person’s intrinsic emotions in behaviors. I realized quite quickly that in a general sense, behavioural reactions could be categorised according to their emotional reference. This curiosity led me to base my studies, and research, in the techniques that result in positive behavioural change.

The study of Life Coaching principles was the first step on continuing journey that has meandered through topics such as; human needs psychology, strategic intervention, intuitive coaching and spiritual concepts such as meditation, yoga and divination.

My career spans over fifteen years of research and study, the fruits of which, have helped countless individuals, couples, families and businesses achieve their desired goals. I am a certified Performance Coach, Trainer, Business Owner and have over 20 years of management experience, gained across multiple sectors, and Countries.

I have learnt over the years that transformation is only possible when we face our fears and insist that our greater desires are realized. This can be quite a daunting task to most, however it is absolutely possible, and it is possible now!

My mission has always been to plant the seeds of possibility in the minds of my clients, and watch in awe as the tree of knowledge within them takes form. This is true power, and power is muscle that must be exercised regularly! I invite you to join me, in helping you to discover your true power, and creating the next exciting phase of your lifeā€¦

Peace and blessings

Yulisia x