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Yulisa is a vibrant woman with the ability to change the energy in any room. It is a pleasure to bounce ideas around with her because there is nowhere to hide because she tells it like she sees it – and she often sees things that others miss! When I want an honest opinion with a solution attached I know where to go…

Amanda Benbelaid

Development Trainer & Coach, Metro Newspaper

This was a service that brought positive results. My way of thinking and working was reconstructed to adhere to positive and achievable results.
Thank you Yulisia.

Frances Adjei

Director, Fnetia Ltd.

Yulisia is an amazing leader, she inspires people to do their best with ease. She leads by example and always brings the best out of her team. She is professional and really knowledgeable. As a manager she is also very solutions orientated and brings innovative thinking to a workplace. I enjoyed every minute of working on her team. I wish more leaders and managers could bring her qualities to their workplaces- we would all thrive.

Magdalena Glistak

Employment Adviser

Yulisia Gordon is an outstanding coach and mentor – one of the few people who can coach you into your potential and help you shape your new world.

Sarah Megarity

Communications Manager